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BioCell Technology Has Prowess in Commercializing Dietary Ingredients.

Over the past 15 years, our company has accumulated the depth of knowledge and skills on developing functional dietary ingredients. We are engaged with companies, academic institutions, and individual entrepreneurs for the fast and successful introduction of functional ingredients which are highly differentiated by strong research including human clinical trials.

For a candidate ingredient with great market potential, we are able to provide funding and other available resources for strong scientific substantiation followed by the execution of an intelligent marketing strategy tailored to the ingredient and its market both domestic and global. Thus, having a business partner like BioCell Technology is a terrific asset.

We also understand the specifics of regulatory environment throughout the world, which is instrumental for a successful commercialization of an ingredient or finished products containing the ingredient.

The global reach of our company will be an additional benefit for our partner in entering into relevant markets so that full commercial potential of the ingredient can be realized sooner than later.

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New Ingredient Submission / Vendor Inquiry